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Dogs will not naturally want to poop and pee where they sleep and eat. In fact, it is entirely against nature for them to do so. Puppies must be broken of that instinct for them to live in a kennel or crate for weeks on end as is typical of most breeder setups. Then, you take the puppy home at 6-8 weeks, you wonder why it’s so hard to potty train your new puppy! Doing what I, and other conscientious breeders do, is not brain surgery. We’re just allowing the natural ways of nature to take their course. All you have to do when you get one of these precious darlings is maintain it as they grow up.

Take the puppy to his potty spot in your yard and tell him to “hurry up,” (even if you always plan on walking him to do his business). Do this when:

1. He wakes up

2. He’s just eaten

3. When he’s been playing non stop

4. When he’s gotten super excited

5. Whenever he stops to sniff

6. Whenever you think you should!

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