About the Breeding Dogs

Our puppies are F1 Standards. The sire is Buddy, an AKC Registered Lt. Golden Retriever. One of the dams is Annie, an AKC Registered Apricot Standard Poodle, and the second dam is CoCo, an AKC Registered Brown Standard Poodle. Each one is healthy and free from any health issues whatsoever. Each adult is registered as well with the North American Association of Goldendoodles and their Goldendoodle Registry, and each litter is registered as well.


Our breeding dogs live with us, in our home; they are beloved pets. Every aspect of their lives, from love and affection, to nurturing, to their raw food diet, happen under our watchful eyes. They are cared for by a Vet who graduated from Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine, however she cares for them holistically not just medically. We love our dogs.


So, what is it "about us" that makes our Goldendoodle puppies different?

Goldendoodles By Buddy & Annie (And CoCo

Our PUPPIES are RAISED UNDERFOOT. This means puppies whelped in our home and cared for in our home…. Puppies that are socialized to adults, children, strangers, other dogs, loud noises (even firecrackers and leaf blowers), etc. Puppies that leave our home at 8 weeks or later house broken and crate trained, all while being loved and cared for with affection and attention. Each puppy is known individually and treated as an individual.


If you’d like details, keep reading.

We’ve been breeding Goldendoodles since 2018 and have had five litters to date.
Latest litter:  Late April 2021
Next litter:  Fall of 2021

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